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Quit Smoking

What is acupuncture anyway?
Acupuncture is an ancient therapy developed by the Chinese over 2000 years ago as a way to maintain health, relieve pain, and preclude or reverse bad habits. This method is still used as cessation therapy for smoking. Acupuncture can also be effective to treat pain, fatigue, and sinus disease.

Theory of acupuncture; basic premise:
The body is a pathway for energy; over time energy becomes impeded. Acupuncture re-releases this contained energy and thereby relieves physical and mental anguish recent smokers encounter upon cessation. Applied on specific body points called “Chi”.

Needle Method:
Several sessions usually necessary. Numerous needles are inserted into the cartilage of the ear, both wrists, and hands. Sounds painful but it’s not.

Our method is similar to the traditional approach but we’re far less intrusive. No needles while pulsating laser light activates those Chi points with similar favorable outcomes. Laser energy is absorbed by receptors which stimulate endorphins. These block cravings while leaving the patient with a nice overall feeling of well being.

How many treatments are necessary?
Usually one.  Cravings should cease immediately.  We’ll provide instructions on methods to reduce stress and we propose alternative activities. 

How long does the treatment take?
Laser session requires less than 30 minutes. We do begin with an hour-long consultation and discussion regarding physical and psychological aspects of the addiction. 

Where is the laser applied?
Ears, scalp, hands, wrists, arms, and sides of the nose for smoking.

How does one feel during the procedure?
Varies among patients but just about everyone feels relaxed and somnolent.  Occasional lightheadedness typically passes very quickly.  Immediately following laser treatment physical cravings for nicotine should disappear. Then we work on eliminating the habit.

Medication restrictions?
The method is 100% natural; no side effects are encountered.  No need to alter medication regimens.

Does insurance cover this?
Vascular Epicenter will gladly coordinate whenever possible with carriers.  Consider: Health insurance companies benefit financially when their clients remain healthy and live longer.

How long has this sort of therapy been available?
Originated in Europe over 40 years ago.  Available in Canada since 1980’s, United States since 2001.

Does it work?
European literature reports success rates exceeding 90%. If you can abide by our instructions you will quit smoking.

Smoking cessation laser therapy can diminish or cure cravings and obviate dreaded and emotionally painful nicotine withdrawal.

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Treatment price: Price starts at $350 per session.